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Atención Social Integral ASI S.A.S.

Environmental Consulting since 1992


"The satisfaction of our clients is achieved through the provision of environmental consulting services with high quality standards, and the provision of the necessary resources to support, complement, verify and seek the continuous improvement of their processes."

David Lee Design Director ASI

Our company


Atención Social Integral (ASI) is a company recognized for its innovation and quality in environmental consulting services.


We have more than 20 years of experience, carrying out projects for the public and private sectors of hydrocarbons, mining, and infrastructure among others.


We carry out Environmental Diagnostics of Alternatives, Environmental Impact Studies, Environmental Management Plans, Environmental Management Measures, which are required by the National Environmental Licensing Authority (ANLA) and the Regional Autonomous Corporations (CARS) for the granting of environmental licenses.


We also accompany our clients in the procedures required by ICANH, INCODER and Ministry of Interior.


Our staff has more than 100 professionals specialized in the management of the environment and development of social programs.



We are proud of our certifications, which guarantee efficiency, effectiveness and transparency.


We have the certifications of the RUC system, tool of performance evaluation in safety, occupational health and environment.


We have an integrated management system, certified with the ISO 9001 quality standard in 2012. In 2015 we obtained the ISO 14001 environmental certification and incorporated the occupational health and safety management system, obtaining the OHSAS 18001 certification.


Atención Social Integral  is certified with the international standard NORSOK S-006 that recognizes the work in occupational safety, product quality and environmental quality.

Atención Social Integral ASI S.A.S. A company with 25 years of experience at national and international level, leader in innovation for the environmental consultancy.

Environmental Consultancy


ASI is a leading company in the environmental consulting market with 26 years of experience in the mining, infrastructure and hydrocarbon sectors.


As part of its continuous renewal process, ASI incorporates optimization methodologies, based on web developments, which enhance the work developed by more than 120 experts, in each of the components proposed by the environmental authority.



Social Activities

· Prior consultations with ethnic communities

· Design and execution of social management plans

· Audit of social programs

· Health Brigades

Environmental Activities

· Environmental consultancy and management

· Environmental legal advice

· Environmental diagnosis of alternatives (DAA)

· Environmental impact studies (EIA)

· Environmental management plans (PMA)

· Environmental management measures (MMA)

· Contingency plans

· Environmental recovery plans

· Territorial planning plans

· Mapping services

· Compensation plans

· Economic impact assessment

· Environmental plans for ecological tourism

· Permits to use and use resources

· Investment plans of 1%


· Roads

· Civil works

· Protection and geotechnical works

· Archaeological monitoring

· Oil and gas pipelines

· Electrical networks


·Calidad de agua

·Calidad de suelos

·Calidad de aire y ruido

·Ruido ambiental




· Supplies of endowments

· Advice, training and audits

In industrial safety

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CHILA, is a reliable platform for the management and administration of the environmental information of your corporate projects. In an adaptable, safe and easy-to-handle environment that breaks traditional trends, saving resources, space and time, providing you and your company with effective analysis and control tools for decision making.


Chila allows real-time communication between the different work areas, guaranteeing follow-up, audit and timely audit with a significant saving of time and resources in the execution of a project.


The information is captured in real time by electronic devices that allow to be synchronized with the database so that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world.


The graphical interface of the platform is friendly to the user and facilitates the reading and the use of its tools. These provide and organize the information in a practical way, allowing the storing, modifying, extracting and consulting the data and, very importantly, the platform generates alerts and compliance reports regarding the information.


Through Chila, the user can access graphical monitoring reports generated by the software, to make timely decisions, and to have a reliable traceability of executed actions.


One of the most important tools of the platform is the geovisor;  An essential component for the cartographic management, of easy access and manipulation; Compatible with different geographical commercial formats, providing services in cartography such as:


· Updating, accumulation of impacts and online storage of the cartographic base.

· Consultation of feasibility and social and environmental restrictions of projects, consolidating information from different regional and national sources.

· Storing, consultating and downloading of cartographic layers in commercial formats.

· As information is stored on a digital platform, it opens a large window for moving from paper to interactive environmental studies.

The interactive studies are the virtualization of a traditional study, presented with the help of web tools that facilitate the handling and analysis of the data; Improve the graphic quality, guarantee the authenticity of the information, storing the attached documents in a practical and organized way.


The studies are housed on the web under strict security protocols, allowing only to be evaluated by authorized personnel, if it is wanted simultaneously.


These studies are compatible with the CHILA platform, being stored in an organized way in the system library.

Now you can consult from your Tablet the environmental studies developed by ASI

Attention Social Integral gives you the opportunity to monitor in real time the evolution of your projects, through one of the modules of the Chila Platform.


The space destined for the integral monitoring online counts with perzonalized forms for the capture of data in the field, which are linked with the database of the system to visualize the day to day work in areas of difficult access.


Our customers, safely accessing from your office the platform, can view, filter, download, share, print and generate timely alerts regarding the information that is being continuously loaded into the system.


In this way, we managed to optimize response time and effectiveness in the communication to manage new scope and impacts of the project.

As an added value to our work, we deliver a complete stock of professional photographs and videos of the work developed in the field, it can be used both for testimonial material of the studio and for advertising material of the company.

At ASI we are constantly working to provide you with more and better development alternatives to your projects, which is why we currently offer the possibility of carrying out tailor-made studies, based on the need of our clients.


This is why we combine different execution alternatives, incorporating decisive factors such as time, economic resources, scope and technological tools, to obtain a result of excellent quality.

Great clients across 26 years

It is a pleasure to present a sample of the excellent work carried out by our engineers every day, in order to deliver products with a high standard of quality and great acceptance with the environmental authority.


For Attention Social Integral ASI it is a pleasure to be able to generate innovative strategies to meet your requirements. Leave us your information and soon the commercial department will contact you.

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